Israel short breaks

Israel attracts millions of people every year – mainly, of course, as the Holy Land is home to the faith of billions of people around the globe. However, did you know it is also a fabulous destination for a short break? Whether it’s the beautiful, vibrant shores of Netanya, the cultural and social hub of Tel Aviv or the millenia of tradition and history of Jerusalem; it’s a destination that will invigorate and amaze. Perfect for a few nights away!

What’s more, our Short Breaks give you optional excursions to make the most of this fabulous land. So Christians can enjoy a few days in, say Tel Aviv, and take a day tour to Jerusalem, Bethlehem or even go for a float in the Dead Sea!! Lots of possibilities abound to ensure your city break to Israel will be a unique experience.

We have fares with British Airways, ElAl and Virgin to ensure that your break is a quality experience from start to finish. 

Discover Jerusalem

Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and is by far the largest city in Israel. Located in the Judean Mountains, modern Jerusalem has grown far beyond the boundaries of the Old City. Jerusalem is the city of three religions and is sacred for Jewish, Christians and Muslims. Jerusalem is more than 3000 years old, has captivating history and architecture. At the same time the downtown is very modern.

Places of religious and historical interest, museums, art galleries, great restaurants and bars, narrow old streets and authentic neighborhoods – all of these you will find in Jerusalem, which is just one hour drive from Tel Aviv.

Discover Tel Aviv

Israel’s largest metropolis and its financial, cultural and social hub, Tel Aviv is situated on the beautiful white sandy coastline of the Mediterranean Sea. Its name, Tel Aviv, actually means “Spring Hill” in the Hebrew language, and it is taken from the title of Theodor Herzl’s visionary book in which he described the return of the Jewish people to their national ancestral homeland long before it happened.

The first modern, Hebrew speaking city in the “resurrected” Jewish State of Israel, Tel Aviv has its unique style and vibe, ready to be explored from morning to dawn, with spectacular sunrises and sunsets over the Mediterranean in the city that never sleeps.

Discover Netanya

Netanya – “Given By God”

Netanya means “God’s Given” in the Hebrew language; meaning a gift from God Himself. And like its name, so is the engaging story of this special city.

Netanya is a beautiful Mediterranean coastal city in central Israel, the capital of the surrounding Sharon plain, located about thirty Kilometers north of Tel Aviv. This modern bustling city was named after the successful Jewish American businessman, Nathan Straus, who was famous for his immense generosity to the young State of Israel during the early 20th Century when he invested heavily in projects benefiting both Jews and Arabs before the birth of the State of Israel in 1948.