Tel Aviv Discovered​

Modern and Ancient Side by Side, Tel Aviv’s Magic

Israel’s largest metropolis and its financial, cultural and social hub, Tel Aviv is situated on the beautiful white sandy coastline of the Mediterranean Sea. Its name, Tel Aviv, actually means “Spring Hill” in the Hebrew language, and it is taken from the title of Theodor Herzl’s visionary book in which he described the return of the Jewish people to their national ancestral homeland long before it happened.

The first modern, Hebrew speaking city in the “resurrected” Jewish State of Israel, Tel Aviv has its unique style and vibe, ready to be explored from morning to dawn, with spectacular sunrises and sunsets over the Mediterranean in the city that never sleeps.

Why Tel Aviv?

Popular with visitors from all over the world, Tel Aviv boasts more than 300 sunny days a year and nearly ten miles of soft white sandy beaches featuring life-guard services, lockers, showers, and multiple beach restaurants and cafes. With the national geographic magazine ranking Tel Aviv in the top 10 beach cities in the world, the comfortable weather and the warm and welcoming culture attract visitors year around as the city serves as the hub for a number of global festivals and events.

Home to numerous international embassies and consulates, Tel Aviv is ranked 25th in the global financial centers’ index, and have the largest economy per capita in the middle east. Hosting more than 2.5 million international visitors a year, Tel Aviv is a rich cultural center featuring theatrical companies, symphonies, recreation, art galleries and a lively nightlife. With picturesque ancient Jaffa nestling along the coast on Tel Aviv’s southern edge featuring the oldest active sea-port in the world, the metropolis combines ultra-modern sophistication with ancient traditions and customs.

Tel aviv’s appearance and nickname, “the white city,” emerged during the 1930s with a resurgence of international style buildings including the famous Bauhaus styles, eventually earning the city a unesco world heritage site recognition. These historic buildings and neighborhoods are a popular attraction for international visitors who arrive to enjoy their unique architecture in the heart of Tel Aviv.

Described as a “Miniature Los Angeles” by the economist magazine, Tel Aviv was referred to as one of the ten most technologically influential cities globally. As the high-tech industry continues to grow, Tel Aviv is often spoken of affectionately as the “silicon wadi” (compared to the silicon valley of California) because of its active and robust startup culture. Home to Israel’s stock exchange, various international venture-capitals, research institutes, and high-tech businesses are headquartered in Tel Aviv.

With “Tel Aviv pride” becoming the largest annual pride parade in the Middle East and Asia, the city has been named “The best gay city in the world” and became one of the most popular destinations for lgbt tourism, attracting over 200,000 people each summer.

Tel Aviv is famous for its wide variety of world-class restaurants, offering traditional Israeli dishes as well as international fare. More than 100 sushi restaurants operate in the city with some of the world’s famous desert restaurants known for their halva ice cream topped with date syrup and pistachios. Considered by many “the world’s vegan capital” due to its highest per capita population of vegans in the world, the city offers numerous and delicious vegan bistros.

Hosting millions of visitors each year, Tel Aviv’s hospitality industry is rich, diverse and has something for everyone. Totaling 44 hotels, with additional hostels and airbnb’s, Tel Aviv has close to 10,000 rooms available to host her visitors while you explore the modern, the ancient, the culture, the beaches and the fascinating people of the “white city.”

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