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Sacred for Jews, Christians and Muslims

Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and is by far the largest city in Israel. Located in the Judean Mountains, modern Jerusalem has grown far beyond the boundaries of the Old City. Jerusalem is the city of three religions and is sacred for Jewish, Christians and Muslims. Jerusalem is more than 3000 years old, has captivating history and architecture. At the same time the downtown is very modern.

Places of religious and historical interest, museums, art galleries, great restaurants and bars, narrow old streets and authentic neighborhoods – all of these you will find in Jerusalem, which is just one hour drive from Tel Aviv.

Why Jerusalem?

Discovering the old city of jerusalem on foots is an adventure that takes you back in time with the images, sounds and fragrances of distant and ancient cultures. Strolling the narrow and charming alleyways crammed full with small shops and booths, you will be surrounded with a colorful and endless display of oriental fabrics, jewelries, art and foods. With nearly 25,000 residents calling the old city of jerusalem their home, you will notice how this mixed and varied population of jews, christians and muslims live side by side in the holiest part of israel.Attracting pilgrims from all over the world, jerusalem is the only city in the middle east (and in the world) where the three monotheistic religions – judaism, christianity and islam coexist side by side with complete freedom of worship to practice their faith without fear of persecution or rejection. As you explore jerusalem, you will find churches, mosques and synagogues peacefully functioning side by side, with many pilgrimage sites one next to another as jewish, christian and muslim pilgrims seek to renew their faith in jerusalem. Prominent, of course, is the western wall, the al aqsa mosque, the church of holy sepulture, the garden tomb and much more.

Featuring world class museums and art galleries, Jerusalem is rich with culture and art that hails back thousands of years. And while strolling the downtown picturesque pedestrian streets, you will enjoy the many street bands, many of which are comprised of classically trained musicians, as well as boutique art galleries offering classical, religious and modern art.

Jerusalem’s cuisine incorporates a wide variety of dishes from the middle eastern region and those imported from around the world. Consequently, a fascinating Israeli “fusion cuisine” has developed over the years, and the rich availability of fresh produce such as fruits, vegetables, dairy and fish, add to the abundance and taste and flavor of the various dishes. Add to that various religious and ethnic
Influences, and you discover a fascinating and delicious culinary melting pot in jerusalem.

Famous for its rich variety of hotels, hostels, holiday rentals, and airbnb’s for every budget, some of Israel’s most luxurious hotels are located in Jerusalem featuring the incredible views of the old city. With continual new hotel construction, Jerusalem offers thousands of quality hotel rooms in 3, 4 & 5 star categories, plus a number of small boutique hotels. For budget-oriented travelers, cost-effective hotels and hostel options can easily be found, offering you comfortable access to the best sites and attractions Jerusalem offers.

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