Is 26.2 for you?

Is 26.2 for you?

My name is Andy and I’m the ambassador for Shalom Tours’ Jerusalem Marathon experience and I will be guiding you through all aspects of your training with regular blogs featuring useful first-hand tips and tricks to help you tackle this Marathon.

My first blog considers why you should even contemplate running a marathon!

We’ve all been there. Thinking about signing up for a race and having our doubts. ‘Can I actually get through this?’. ‘Can I commit to the training?’. ‘Is this for me?’

I’ve been there myself. I always said that I’d never run a marathon. I thought it was too far and too difficult a goal to achieve. Fast forward 5 years from those thoughts, and my marathon PB stands at 2:37:00 and is probably my favourite distance.

Yes, you’ll need to commit to the training. Yes, you’ll need to focus on getting in the best shape of your life. You can’t ‘blag’ a marathon. It is however, one of the best experiences you’ll ever have and you’ll find out a lot about your body in those 26.2 miles.

What better place to tackle this challenge, than in Jerusalem, Israel. With plenty of hills on this course, it will offer you a chance to complete one of the toughest marathon courses whilst seeing magical parts of the city. It really is a bucket list marathon to tick off.