Building a training base

In his latest blog, Jerusalem Marathon ambassador Andy, talks about the importance of building a base before marathon training…

With any marathon, a lot of miles go into the 12-16 week training plan leading up to the big
day. However, a lot can be gained way before the training plan even starts by utilizing
something called ‘base building’.

Base building is basically building the foundations for what’s to come and getting the
muscles, joints and body in general prepared and ready for the training plan itself. I found
this really worked for me before my London Marathon.

I started my 15 week plan in theJanuary but before the plan had even started, I had 8 weeks of consistent 70km weeks so I was starting from a strong position.

I find building a base to start with softens the shock of the mileage when the training plan
peaks later on. Building a base can be done by largely using easy miles in your training but
also a mix of tempo and interval sessions.

I wouldn’t be running any further than a half marathon in this base building phase…. The longer miles will come in the plan so there’s no need to over stretch yourself.

These miles should feel comfortable enough to hit week in, week out and you should arrive
at the first week of proper marathon training fresh and ready to build the mileage from the
base you’ve built.

Plus, you will have built a good level of fitness already which will hold you
in good shape for those miles ahead.

I’d recommend holding a steady base of between 50-90km a week depending on your
current mileage and experience to get you ahead of the game.

Jerusalem Marathon – All you need to know

A chance for runners and culture lovers to come together

In 2025 we’re organising a group trip to take part in the Jerusalem Marathon and Half Marathon.

Here’s some useful information about the event:

    • It’s one of Israel’s largest marathons,

    • Around 30,000 people take part

    • Around 10% are runners from abroad


As you run this route you’ll pass a fantastic array of historical sites that highlight 3,000 years of the history of Jerusalem, Israel’s capital.

The International Jerusalem Winner Marathon is a joyous combination of fantastic landscapes, culture and heritage – as well as physical endurance! It started in 2011 and offers the chance to take in sights such as the Israeli Knesset (the starting point), Machane Yehuda marketplace, Mount Scopus, the Old City, David’s Tower, Haas Promenade and more. 

It is guaranteed to be a challenging, thrilling and unforgettable experience for all runners.

The route

You’ll begin at Israel’s parliament, the Knesset, in the western part of the city, followed by a loop around the Giv’at Ram campus of the Hebrew University.

From there you’ll pass alongside the valley of the cross, and cross through various neighbourhoods on their way up to Hebrew University’s Mount Scopus campus in eastern Jerusalem.

Runners will then drop down to the Old City, as they pass through Jaffa Gate and the Armenian Quarter and out Zion Gate, on their way to the Jerusalem Forest.

Prepare yourself for the hilly terrain of the race’s finishing point – Sacher Park – hills make up 90% of the course! Expect long climbs and breath-taking views!

This is a safe event with security taken seriously. The entire city shuts down from 5am on the Friday race day, until after midday.

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